Anna Trier

MD/PhD Student

Anna is a M.D./Ph.D. student in the MSTP program pursuing a Ph.D. in immunology. She is interested in understanding how the early mechanisms that drive itch in the setting of atopic dermatitis.

Hometown: Sun Prairie, WI

High School: Sun Prairie High School

College: Macalester College

Degree: B.A. in Biology with Honors (Concentration in Community and Global Health)


Best Poster Award, Washington University MSTP Retreat


Janus JR, Laborde RR, Greenberg AJ, Wang VW, Wei W, Trier A, et al (2012) “Linking expression of FOXM1, CEP55 and HELLS to tumorigenesis in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma.” Laryngoscope. 121(12): 2598-260

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Furumoto Y, Smith CK, Blanco L, Brooks SR, Thacker SG, Abdalrahman Z, Sciume G, Tsai WL, Trier AM, et al. (2017) “Tofacitinib Ameliorates Murine Lupus and Its Associated Vascular Dysfunction. Arthritis Rheumatology. 69(1): 148-160.

Oetjen LK, Mack MR, Feng J, Whelan TM, Niu H, Guo CJ, Chen S, Trier AM, et al. (2017) “Sensory Neurons Co-opt Classical Immune Signaling Pathways to Mediate Chronic Itch”. Cell. 171(1):217.228.

Oetjen LK, Trier AM, Kim BS. (2018) “PXR: A New Player in Atopic Dermatitis.” Journal of Investigative Dermatology. 138(1):8-10.

Trier AM, Kim BS. (2018) “Cytokine Modulation of Atopic Itch.” Current Opinion in Immunology. 54: 7- 12.

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