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The long-term goals of the Kim Lab are to understand the mechanisms by which epithelial cells, immune cells, and the nervous system interact to regulate skin barrier dysfunction, inflammation, and the sensation of itch.

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The Kim Lab has unique expertise in basic approaches and techniques in innate immunity, neuroimmunology, and behavioral modelling of chronic itch. Additionally, we actively design translational, clinical research studies, and interventional clinical trials. Thus, we are able to provide state of the art guidance on everything from in vitro studies to phase 3 clinical trials to better understand cutaneous immunity, inflammation, and itch.

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Our Team

We have a diverse and multidisciplinary team immunologists, neuroscientists, and dermatologists have unique interests ranging from innate immunity and neuroimmunology to observational and interventional studies in the clinic.

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Our Research

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Medical Fellow and WUSM MD/MA student, Amy Xu, discusses her experience and research on chronic itch.